Kevin is a New York City-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist specializing in folk, pop, rock, and atmospheric music. Kevin is called upon for his keen ability to create immersive textural soundscapes using acoustic instruments as well as an array of electric and electronic tools and toys (most which he designed and built himself).

He attended USC’s Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles in the Studio/Jazz Guitar program where he was trained in a multitude of playing styles as well as composition and recording engineering techniques. Following college, Kevin played with various Los Angeles-based bands and composers.

Currently in New York, Kevin can be seen playing with the dark, atmospheric pop songstress Aimee deBeer while also working on his debut solo album.


  • Guitar

    Trained in styles ranging from jazz to folk and specializing in fingerpicking, slide, and electric

  • Effects

    Command of wide array of guitar FX to create atmospheric textures

  • Multi-Instrumentalist

    Doubles on mandolin, pedal steel guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals

  • Recording/Production

    Comfortable engineering in a variety of software (Pro Tools, Reason, Kontakt)

  • Arranging

    Orchestration and arranging in Sibelius for high quality, professional scores

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Send me an email if you’d like to make music together or are in need of some services related to recording, production, or arranging.